I just noticed it’s been quite a long time (for me) since I posted anything.

Well, there’s a new tea review for your enjoyment and I should have something soon on the Wizard of Oz set. Just at the moment, I have put the first book on hold and am proceeding with books two through fourteen. I’ve gotten the edges gilded and the covers on the first three and I’m pretty happy with them so far. I’m not going to title or decorate the covers until they are all done and then do them all at once so they’ll match better.

On the other hand, I am quite miffed about my copies of Poppy or The Adventures of a Fairy by Anne Perez-Guerra. I got one that has colour illustrations… the illustrations are not the ones by Benton West and it’s ABRIDGED!!! Why such a short simple little book should be abridged, I have no idea. So I got a different copy- the pictures are all black and white but they’re the right ones… and it’s missing the last chapter. Not that it’s been removed from the book- it was never there in the first place. As far as the story goes, the best version is in The Children’s Hour Vol 2- it is neither abridged nor truncated as far as I know. I guess I’ll have to make my own- again. This is getting very old.

I got my copy of Midsummer Night’s Dream with the 40 plates (it is missing one, it seems- there are only 39) and it’s fine although I am still making my own version- I may need a new printer for this as I want to get all the in-text illustrations but I do also want the calligraphed text. I’ll use the original colour plates but on better papers and the original tissue guards. However, this is a massive project and I’m not going to tackle it yet.

I just dropped all of my spoons down a rabbit hole so I’ll have to finish later. Em and I went shopping today and I’ve been looking at tea cup sets and I’ll try and tell more about it tomorrow.

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