Breakfast tea reviews

Scottish Breakfast tea by Taylor of Harrogate

Blend of the very best Assam and African teas with an inviting bright color and a full, rich flavor – perfect for serving at breakfast time. Use one tea bag. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 4-5 minutes. Best served with milk

3 min at 212°
This has a nice smooth taste with medium flavour with a slight astringency. It would be a good everyday tea as it won’t get old or cloying. Better than English Breakfast and I will want to keep it in the house. (Good thing too- to test it I had to buy 50 tea bags! I say again, I wish I could just buy samples.)

Twinings Irish Breakfast tea

Our Irish Breakfast tea pays tribute to the Irish, who are well-known for their love of strong teas. This blend combines teas carefully selected from four distinct regions to give it added body, flavour and strength. The bold taste originates from teas grown in the tropical climate of Assam and the rich, amber color from teas grown in the fertile terra rossa soil of Kenya. The hardiness from these regions is complemented by the softer and more subtle teas from Indonesia and China to yield a full-bodied tea with a smooth finish.

3 min at 212°
This tea is stronger and more tannic than Scottish or English Breakfast teas. It gets 3 stars only and grudgingly at that- I’ll drink it up and be glad when it’s gone.

And my English Breakfast tea review is here.

Interestingly enough, while I was looking for links for this post, I ran across someone else doing the exact same comparison: What’s the Difference Between English, Irish and Scottish Breakfast Teas?

Yeah, yeah- I know. But did you really want to read about my 11 hour work day yesterday or the 8 hours of chores today? I didn’t think so.

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