The US Snail

Here recently I bought a book on Ebay (I know, I know- what a huge shock!)
It was, in fact, Sunday last week. The seller shipped it the following day- a week ago today.
By Thursday, it was in Atlanta and had departed before noon. Now the tracking was saying delivery Saturday… which I thought was a bit excessive- I mean Atlanta’s less than a two hour drive from here. But ok, what ever.

This morning, the last tracking update is STILL from Thursday and I have figured out what has happened.

They have strapped my book onto the back of a large snail, pointed it northward and told it “Go thataway, as quickly as you can.”
It’s on a cargo snail (usually misspelled escargo snail but it’s obvious someone just messed up the name. Or stuttered. Or something.)
It’s a large and hardback book and the poor snail is probably having some trouble making any speed with all that weight. Maybe I should start walking south and meet it?

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