“Let me explain…

No, there is too much. Let me sum up”

Monday was my birthday and for all the birthday wishes, thank you. I haven’t had time to say it until now because Mom had to go to the emergency room. They did not admit her but she suddenly and completely can’t move around on her own- getting her back to her house was, um, interesting and she can’t be left alone now.

Since then, I have been dealing with the nursing home (4 month waiting list) and trying to help Mom and still go to work (inventory yesterday that I did not expect etc.) and cook meals and get Emily ready for her first day of school yesterday. I’ve also been dealing with a home health care service so we’re just about sorted until Mom can get into the nursing home. We had someone coming from 10am-6pm in the day but last night I got three naps of about an hour and a half each on top of three other nights of the same. Now they’re going to be sending someone (several someones) from 10pm to 6pm so she will have someone there and I can still actually sleep before going in to work.

In other news, Emily has taken off and decided to help me out. When I came in from work Saturday or Sunday (can’t remember which) her room was clean. Not better, not sort of clean- really, really clean. I was bowled over! She’s also been helping me with sweeping the house and some of the dishes… and Monday she cooked dinner. It wasn’t what I planned but after a day in the emergency room, it was a wonderful thing for her to do.

For a little while, we had neighbours:

 photo P1010677_zpsgeftalea.jpg photo P1010673_zpsijsqeczv.jpg photo P1010674_zpswj12zwrn.jpg photo P1010670_zpsqn8hq4oo.jpg photo P1010671_zps3zw2acyh.jpg

At first, we thought there was only one- then I keep looking and thinking “Man, you got a fat butt, Rascal.” Then I realized, there were two of them napping together. They lived in our apple tree for about a week and then moved on but I was calling them Rascal and Rocky. Getting pictures was hard because my camera kept focusing on the leaves that were close to me instead of the raccoons that were further.

We added a new teacup to our collection:

Royal Doulton in an Art Deco pattern of the sun in a blue sky, shining through trees #H2588. Emily especially loves this one.

And I found the replacement plate for the one Em broke awhile back. It’s even the right cat (out of four):

I still maintain that I am uber-lucky!

Ok, that’s the news- mostly, I’m dealing with Mom and trying to get a little sleep and not let the rest of life fall to rack and ruin.

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