What day is it, anyway?

It’s a good thing I discontinued the count-down- I would have no idea where I am any more.

Mom continues to take all my free time and then some. Somewhere in her mind, this is normal and I wonder where she got that idea and how it has persistantly stuck in the face of all the hard evidence against it.

I had dental stuff on Friday- the extraction site is fine but the injection site is still sore. On the good side, because they hit me with epinephrine, they checked my heart rate and blood pressure and they were very good- especially allowing for the epinephrine. It was also a lot less expensive than I thought it would be- always a good thing.

I’ve got a new tea cup:

Pictured here without the plate but the plate is on it’s way to me.

I’m also working on the interliner for my tea cosy- it’s small enough to take over to Mom’s and work on between making dinner and the other stuff she has me doing. (I have to note here that I am not really cut out for nursing and I hate it. A lot.) I’m thinking that the liner will not be everything I wanted it to be because I keep having to drop it to run and fetch things… and I’m trying to work in very low light. The alternitive is to not be getting anything done on anything since I’m past over scheduled now and that’s simply not acceptable.

Since Christmas will be upon us before you know it, I’ve had out the advent calendars to see what can be framed, what needs to be fixed and I’m looking at all of them to see if there are any that I am less than excited about. I really have too many and there are about three more that I want- all of them rare and expensive, of course. Plus there’s one that I have pictures of and I want to try and remake- it’s a Tasha Tudor… but not one she released commercially. It was apparently a gift to a Mr White and it’s much funnier than the ones she released- but there is only the one and when it showed up on ebay, it was thousands of dollars. However, there were extensive pictures and I think I can remake most of it.

Aggg- off to work! Look for me when you see me.

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