What day is it, anyway? Mark deux

Let’s see, it’s been two weeks since I had a chance to journal. Mom is now in the nursing home. Some days she seems better than others but she’s still not feeding herself so even moving off the ‘lots of care’ ward to ‘less care’ ward does not seem imminent at this time.

This gives me a bit more time at home… but work has been terribly busy and tiring. We’ve scrubbed every single thing in the department (Emily took pictures yesterday so I’ll try and get her to let me post a couple.) It’s been all I could do to visit Mom every day and get the bare essentials done at home- by the time I actually got on the computer, I’ve gone to ebay and spent a bit of mindless time looking at teacups and advent calendars.

The upshot of that is I have found two teacups and one advent calendar that I want that are overpriced in the extreme and I’m having a dickens of a time making sure I’m not so tired that I just buy them anyway. (The teacups I would have to bid on so that’s less dangerous.) When I have had the brain space, I’ve also been considering how best to display them. A cabinet is in order and I have a pretty good idea of what I want- now to find or make it.

Back to work- we finished cleaning our department and I spent some time yesterday helping in other departments before I was told to go home. I’m essentially on call for the next two days and have Monday off for certain and then we begin with the new store. So I guess this is my time between jobs. With three days, I intend to spend today like I only had one and then just enjoy the other two as a mini-vacation. In the process of selling out, I did get several good deals on meat (chicken and beef and bacon- the bacon was 90% off!) and two tomatoes for 19¢. We had BLTs for dinner the other night… and the whole dinner for two cost me about $2… and that’s only because we had to get lettuce somewhere else.

Last night I managed to get a full night’s sleep and mostly am over my excessive tired so I should be able to get quite a lot done today. Since it’s Saturday, Emily is home and I’ll have to try and post either tonight after she goes to bed or (more likely) tomorrow morning before she wakes up.

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