Grey and misty morning

Yesterday was a VERY GOOD DAY. Part of the reason I haven’t been posting much is that it’s either been depressing (stuff about Mom) or boring (more scrubbing at work- Cinderella is alive and well and working at BiLo!).

But yesterday I went on a quest for Emily. Her backpack has given up (again- she’s hard on them) and she didn’t want to go with me shopping so I asked for parameters. She wanted metal zippers, nothing neon, net, clear and not solid pink, please. Ok, she’s actually not being very picky and her reasoning for the zippers, no net and not clear is that we’ve tried those and they tear up too quickly. The neon and pink… well, I understand that! So pretty much anything with metal zippers. How hard could it be? (Oh, that phrase… it gets me into more trouble!)

I had to do recycling so after, I stopped at Earthfair and picked up my Black Cat coffee… on sale! Awesome. They didn’t have very much left so I got a rain check and will get more at the sale price next time. Target is next to Earthfair and they have backpacks so I stopped there first.

No. Not very many left and all with plastic zippers. Ok- maybe a sporting goods store- get her a good backpack that will hold up.

Really no. Plenty of backpacks but all with plastic zippers and mostly pretty ugly and a bit flimsy. You people go out in the wilderness with all your stuff in one of these? A canvas bag would be better.

So, ok… Army Surplus store. They’ll be ugly but really durable, right? Ha. I was half right- they were ugly. But- get this- all plastic zippers. Heavy duty plastic zippers but still plastic. And most of the buckles were NOT quick disconnect- to get into them you have to unbluckle straps and it would take several minutes to get into them and several more to refasten them. Not practical for high school. (Or out in the field, I shouldn’t think- we’re sending our servicemen and women out there with these? They’re even braver than I knew.) And they were expensive– $90 and more.

Bother, bother, bother. That exhausted my ideas for a decent backpack. It was semi-raining and I was driving my car… and it needed a new windshield wiper on the driver’s side (why is it always the driver’s side that goes out? I want to know) so I stopped at the closest Walmart to grab one. And while I was there, I checked the backpacks- why not, after all.

They had two. On close-out. A reddish canvas one and a blue and brown one with metal zippers and reinforced bottoms and quick disconnect buckles. I’m not foolish- I bought them both. So more awesome.

But the best was when I got home. I had messaged an Ebay seller in Canada about a cup and saucer she had listed. It’s the yellow with black sprite/fairy silhouettes that I found on Replacements and never thought I would actually find as that was the only place I had seen it… and they were out-of-stock. She had it listed for a lot more than I was willing to pay- even at my silliest. So I messaged her and asked if she would accept the absolute most I’m willing to pay for a cup and saucer. I didn’t expect her to accept- it wasn’t even half of what she was asking… as a starting bid. But it never hurts to ask, right? She accepted! She canceled the listing and relisted it with a Best Offer option and I sent my best offer- she accepted and I paid for it and it should be here in about two weeks. I’m squealing like a teenager because of all the sets on my wishlist of cups, it was the one I thought I would never ever find.

Just look at it- isn’t it lovely? I’m calling it “Puck”.


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