Thrilled and Not Thrilled

Ok, bad stuff first:

I am Not Thrilled that my cats decided to wake me up three times last night.
I am Not exactly Thrilled that I have to be at work at 7 when I was scheduled for 8… and I’m nervous about the new company, damn it.
I am Not Thrilled that Emily is supposed to have a music festival for choir today… and I am supposed to drop her off at 8:30 at a church instead of 7 at school. Since I can not do that- she will have to miss this… which is one of the reasons she asked be switched out of choir and nobody listnened.

Now the good stuff:

I am Thrilled that my Puck teacup is on it’s way.
I am also Thrilled that I am making progress on my Very Fancy Tea Cosy. I have moved all my supplies and idea magazines over to Mom’s where I can leave it all spread out all over the kitchen and go over there to pet Anna and think about what I need/want to do next.

And, just incidentally, I am Thrilled to have seen a solid black fox last night on the way home. We saw him very clearly and it was still daylight- it was a fox, he was black and he did not have the white tip to his tail. Handsome! I didn’t even know they came in black.

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