A random Thursday in October

In which I will not be discussing a) work and b) Mom.

Instead, let’s natter a bit about tea and teacups.

If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve got rather a good collection of teacups going now and they’ve outgrown my china cabinet a long while back. I’ve also got a beginning-to-be-vast collection of teas which are stretching the seams of my tea storage space in the kitchen and there are still several more I want to try. There are two solutions. 1) Sell some (most) of the tea trios and drink up, give away and/or throw away a lot of the tea. 2) Buy a cabinet. Obviously, I’m going with the second option.

Now the last thing I need is another project so I want to buy something ready made. Furniture stores are expensive (and often not real wood- just particle board with good veneer) Wal-mart is particle board with cheap veneer and I really really would like to not order it on line. So I guess I’m looking at antique stores today for a cabinet base with a work surface and shelves or (ideally) enclosed cabinets over that for the cups. We’ll see what I find that might be in my price range (under $300 if I can manage it).

The reason I need to go cheap on the cabinet is that Emily has a spring break trip this year to Disney and, while I can manage the payments for it fairly comfortably, I’d rather reserve monies for that than blow too much on storage space.

I dropped in at Teavivre (virtually, since they’re on line) and ordered a sample of the cinnamon oolong tea (Rou Gui Oolong) I’ve been curious about for awhile now. I still need to review Twinings Keemun tea- I’ve had about six or eight cups of it and still have not paid enough attention to be reviewing it. The fact that I have had so much of it does point to the fact that it isn’t awful- it’s rather quite good- but I need to pay more attention to exactly how it’s good and the astringency and so forth.

I’ve also made headway on my tea cosy (page here). It’s a bit slow going but I’m not rushing- it’s too complicated to rush. And I found a trio of Royal Doulton’s “Pipes of Pan”- I had to wake up in the middle of the night to bid on it but, as I won, it was worth it.

I’ve seen a teaser for the fourth season of BBC’s Sherlock:

Can NOT wait!

I’m also going to be going to see Crimson Peak with Emily Friday evening. We thought about going to a Saturday afternoon showing but she wants to go after dark and I want to go after chores so the extra money seems worth it.

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