Lucky Saturday

Ok, we went to see Crimson Peak last night. It is, sadly, not a ghost story but rather a story with ghosts in it. Other than that, it was pretty good although I wanted more ghost and more mystery.

As far as the new cabinet went, I was about half successful Thursday- I found a lovely set of walnut shelves that are perfect for the top piece so I got them and brought them home. Over Thursday night and what little time I had Friday and this morning, I looked on line to see if I could find a sideboard that I liked to go under them. I found things that would work but nothing I loved so I went to a different antique store today- the same one I bought the Violet teacup from. I walked in, turned right, went three booths down and there it was- a repurposed walnut dresser. I practically walked right to it.

And it’s too big to fit in my car. Barely- but it is. But they deliver. Today. So it’s here and I am very happy with it- I wish that I could set the shelves on something and lift them up so there was a space between the shelves and the top of the dresser but that might come along sometime. For now, here it is:

 photo PA170005_zpscceozlmy.jpg  photo PA170002_zps83f4x98j.jpg  photo PA170003_zpslzor7egf.jpg  photo PA170006_zpshoddihj6.jpg  photo PA170004_zps2psuengf.jpg

Obviously Chessie is interested in it so I only have a couple of teacups on it- easily replaceable ones- and some other things that are either spare or I’m not worried about breaking. If they can learn to let it alone, I’ll put real cups to display on it next week… or maybe after I get the museum/earthquake putty. There will still be some cups in the china cabinet proper- not all of them are going to fit on the shelves!

While I was looking around for a chest that would work for the tea centre, I happened across a couple of old and interesting things:

Obviously a school picture… but from when? It’s not my senior or junior picture and I don’t think I bought that blouse until I was in college. College picture?

I found this in an old wallet and thought it was a napkin that someone had scribbled something on and then saved so I unfolded it carefully. I’ve got it in a book right now trying to press some of the wrinkles out- the paper is terrible- very like napkin paper- but so far it isn’t torn except for the tiny bits around the edges where it’s so battered. And it’s been in Mom’s family since 1860- pretty cool!

Recently I’ve discovered that Chessie, after the manner of kittens, has been getting in my closet and playing with Nancy’s things. Now I can’t have that so I bought a couple (I thought) of hooks and eyes to lock my closet doors. (They’re folding doors- they cats get their paws under them and just fold them open with no trouble at all.) I opened the package… and found that I had two hooks but only one eye. Well, bother. So instead of going back and getting another eye or another set, I screwed two cup hooks into each door on either side of the fold and dropped a large dowel in. Voila! the doors are locked.

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