Twinings Keemun Tea

Twinings Keemun Tea

Keemun tea (Qimen in Chinese) comes from the Chinese leaf Camellia sinensis sinensis. The name Keemun, however, originates from the town of Keemun in the province of Anhui, the very well respected tea-producing region of China. Like Darjeeling, this tea is sufficiently smooth and gentle to drink black, but there is body enough for both milk and sugar if you like. The distinctive coppery-red colour liquor is gentle and slightly nutty.

3 min at 212°

I have made about eight or ten pots of this tea so far and I’m having a hard time reviewing it. I can tell you what it’s not: it’s not harsh, it’s not very astringent, it’s not earthy nor fruity nor floral. It’s nicely flavoured, rich and smooth. Chessie had to get in on it and put his paw in my cup tonight… and when I gave him a small saucer of it, he actually drank it so the cat approves. The only reason I’m only giving it three stars instead of four is that it would be difficult to replace and there are other, easier to to get, teas that I like better.

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