Mostly about yesterday

I posted about the tea cabinet earlier and I thought you’d like to see it filled:

 photo PA200006_zpsnyodeaps.jpg

And it still doesn’t hold all the tea cups! Because of the cats (Chessie specifically), I have Quakehold museum putty on order.

Because the Quakehold is an Amazon add-on, I also ordered teas that I have been wanting to try, specifically Taylors of Harrogate China Rose Petal and Afternoon Darjeeling so more reviews will be forthcoming.

Speaking of reviews, it’s getting cooler now, so tea is becoming more of a thing with me again. I posted a couple of reviews yeaterday and I notice that the awful tea was very easy to review but the good tea has been very difficult. Possibly I’m enjoying drinking it too much to review it.

I also dioscover that I’m looking forward to the Christmas teas. I want to try one from Harney and Sons, Twinings and, if they have one, Taylor’s.

While I was shopping for my tea cabinet, I happened across and fell in love with, a Victorian corner cabinet. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so, after a couple of days, I went back and bought it.

 photo PA190001_zpsjclraxrm.jpg

 photo PA190003_zpsweb8ok5r.jpg photo PA190002_zpstx8f2cmr.jpg photo PA200007_zpszroq92ec.jpg photo PA200009_zpswxkzgbt9.jpg photo PA200008_zpsgxyeqxbs.jpg

The antique dealer told me that it came out of Allentown Pa. It’s in two pieces and lined in velvet. The top door has a split and there’s a chunk knocked out of the back but I still just love it. The glass has been replaced- it’s not wavy or heavy enough to be original and while the store called it “Victorian”, I would say it the style was more Edwardian. It’s lighter and more restrained than Victorian but it hasn’t transitioned into either Arts and Crafts or Art Nouveau. If I had to guess, I would date it around 1890-1900.

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