Leaves 1 and 2

Bother- I goofed.

I meant to post the first leaf yesterday and I was so tired that I forgot. In my defence, the cats are not getting the time change and are waking me up at 4:30am thinking that it’s time for breakfast. I’m ok with feeding them a bit earlier and moving it slowly up to 5:30 but I’m not going to be feeding them as soon as they wake me up- I’ll never get any sleep ever again if I let them set that precedent.

[info]zenkitty-714 and I were talking about holidays night before last and we both want to keep celebrating Thanksgiving… but divorce it from Pilgrims and Indians. And while I’m prefectly happy to serve turkey, I don’t want to decorate with the little buggers. So she’s come up with a fantastic way to celebrate all month. We’re going to find an ornament tree and tie construction paper leaves to it every day with things we’re thankful for written on them. Obviously we can’t do it this year- we neither one have a tree yet. But I decided that I could still write a “leaf” every day- something I’m thankful for- and post it.

And then I forgot the very first day.

So here are the leaves for the 1st and today:

1st: [info]zenkitty-714– my BFF.

2nd: Emily

When I actually have the tree up and running, I intend to let anyone who wants to write on a leaf and tie it on- the more the better!

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