Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping and Advent calendars

For various reasons, my BFF came to visit on Thanksgiving rather than closer to Christmas this year. (One day I will eventually be free enough to go and visit her.) It was lovely- we observed the traditions we wanted to and ignored the ones we don’t like… no family drama, no turkey etc. (Okay, almost no family drama- we tried for it anyway.)

I had Thanksgiving and the day after off because my manager is Muslim and, while American, was not born here and doesn’t have a ‘tradition’ of celebrating Thanksgiving. I pointed out to him again this year that he and his wife have as much right to this holiday as every other American as it’s secular, not religious, but he still demurred and chose to work the shortened store hours that day and let the rest of us have the day with our families.

So I got to stay home and cook- I was going to make quail but there is no place in this benighted town I can obtain such- so we had cornish hens. They were tasty but Em fussed about having the entire bird on her plate. I swear, one year I’m going to serve her a hamburger for Thanksgiving since she always finds some fault with the poultry.

Friday, we did NOT go shopping. (Are you kidding me?) We mostly stayed home and BFF taught us to play Splendor which I liked so much that she left her copy for me. (Must remember to replace that for her- I already got her the limited edition Noble tiles.)

Saturday and Sunday I had to work… at 6am… and BFF had an emergency she had to attend so visit was too short but it always is.

Monday, I didn’t do much of anything… except sit in front of the computer and do all my Christmas shopping. After Emily got home, we hung the advent calendars for this year:

 photo PC020041_zps4vdxnbrp.jpg

 photo PC020048_zpsbz4usbtv.jpg photo PC020046_zpsflnxarg2.jpg photo PC020049_zpsbidngomp.jpg photo PC020056_zpslk4xml5s.jpg

There’s the Blumenhaus (Flowerhouse) RS#50 that Shredder destroyed- and this copy feels brand new! I don’t think the doors have ever been opened before.
Under it is “Kleine Stadt im Mondschein” RS#933 which is a reprint of #204 and is brand new.
Then I have a Christmas tree in the woods by Audrey Tarrant copyright 1991 and printed by the Medici Society, also new, and a reprint (my own) of a Tasha Tudor Post Office tree (it was a one of a kind and sold for many hundreds of dollars- I am happy with a copy!)
On the other side is Enid Blyton’s Christmas Story (1955 or so) illustrated by Fritz Wegner- which has a story booklet and I would swear has never been used before, Father Christmas by Tolkien (yes, yes, I used it last year. And probably will every year.) and another woodland tree with anthropomorphic animals getting ready for Christmas from B. Shackman & CO. by Kathy Lawrence called “Oak Terrace Place” #2106- also never been used and coyright 1993.

I do seem to like the ones with woodland animals around a central tree!

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