Wren’s Day

I hope everyone had a good Christmas- it thunderstormed here all day long and the yard is a muddy mess.

One of the best gifts I got hapened this morning when the alarm went off. My first thought (after “feed the cat!”) was “What time to I have to be at work today?” and then realized that my awesome boss gave me the day off. So I don’t have to be at work until tomorrow!!!

Considering the left-overs, I don’t need to cook… I am certainly not going anywhere so I intend to spend the day (after a nap) working on my tea cosy and cutting out a Christmas quilt. I really really need to make a Christmas quilt- I am getting tired of not having one to hang over the back sliding glass door while we have the tree up. (I think it says something about me that I have made two Halloween quilts and the top to the St Patrick’s quilt is almost together… and the two or three Christmas quilts were all still in the ‘thinking about it’ stages.)

I’ve always thought there should be a special term for the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve because it doesn’t feel like any of the rest of the year. (I know, I’ve posted about this before.) The Norwegians call it Romjul so I’m at least not alone in thinking this doesn’t feel the same as every other bunch of days. One of the fantastic things about American English is that we borrow words from everywhere and I think we should borrow this one.

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