I’ve come down with a cold. I’ve planned to go to the doctor today anyway (I’m out of time to get that check-up to save money on insurance) but a cold is not something a doctor can do anything about.

I’m also planning to go to the bank and then go buy a bluray player. Both of the movies I got for Christmas were Bluray and there’s another going to be delivered by mid-January (The Abominable Bride) and I am NOT waiting to watch that!

I did get all of my Christmas quilt cut out although I my add a bunch of borders to bring it up to covering-the-window size. I did not, in fact, sew any on it though… I worked on the Irish chain quilt instead. It would be better to finish the top to that one before I start sewing on another one. One of my projects for this year is going to be getting the sewing room under control- it’s a right mess. I don’t ever seem to have enough time to work on anything and I think getting the sewing room back to a working room instead of a place where I store stuff would help.

What will also help is to stay off the computer in the evenings. I can get a little sewing or reading done while I am making dinner- possibly a bit more while I’m at Mom’s- and then just a little more before bed after I clean up dinner. Not much but small bits add up over time.

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