Always Happens

The bluray player was not well and then Anna finished it off. So, I went and used Christmas money and sprung for a new one- plus HDMI cable that it requires.

My antique TV has no HDMI jack.

Arrgh! So I went online and bought a new TV (which I have been meaning to do for years) and, since it’s flatscreen, a wall mount. I was going to hire the Geek squad to come out and hang it as my house is not fantasticly loaded with wall studs… but that service is more than the TV and surely I can manage this. The mount is rated for 120 lbs and the TV is but 20 lbs. That was more expense that I had planned for at the most expensive time of year for me but I’ll manage. Since shipping was free, I had them ship it to me and it should be here by a week from Wednesday.

This is how my upgrades happen. One piece breaks beyond repair and when I buy a replacement, I have to upgrade the rest of the system because my tech is too old.

On the good side, the TV is everything I have been wanting- 40″, LED, flatscreen, HD, 1080p. I know that’s on the small side for TVs now… but the spot on the wall where I want to hang it would not accommodate anything much larger and besides, when I was growing up, we had a 13″ TV and that was large enough.

In other news, I have Twinings Christmas tea that needs reviewing and another one on the way (American version vs British version) and I’ll be curious about the comparison. I finished the #3 side of the Irish chain border and am now working on #4. I still have the corners to do and the different corner treatment for one of them to figure out- I may just have to get there and play with it.

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