I got home last night to discover that the new TV had been delivered… the mounting kit preceeded it by a couple of days. So now to hang it- how hard could this be?

Friends, this was a comedy of errors. The hardware went on the back of the TV with no problem- 10 minutes tops and only because I had to figure out which screws and so forth to use- they were all included. Now- the rack on the wall.

#1 Find the studs because hanging even a 20 lb TV on nothing but drywall is a baaaaad idea. No problem! I have a stud finder!

With a dead battery.

And another dead battery after I took it apart wrong to change the battery and, a la Kaylee, removed a totally unneccessary piece.

And one more battery… success! For 1.5 seconds before it died again.

Arrrrgh! Ok… so tap the wall with the hammer… and there’s one stud. Now, where’s the other one? I finally took a small nail and tapped it through the dry wall until I located both edges of both studs. Behind the TV, there is now a small line of holes.

#2 Drill, with a 7/32 bit, four holes 3″ deep using the template included with the mounting kit. Sure. Tape the template to the wall- making sure that it’s level and that the holes line up over the stud lines. Got it. Now get my trusty DeWalt cordless and the proper bit from my set… and drill hole #1.

Yeah- I did it just a smidge wrong. The bit stuck fast in the wall and I couldn’t get it out. By now it was time to take dinner to Mom (who has been in bed for three straight days). I was grumped and she wanted to know why so I explained… I had, after all, just spent a solid hour trying to get the bit back out of the wall. She suggested I call Willie (our handyman) and get his advice. Now Willie does not have much education but he’s smart and there is not much in the way of tools he doesn’t know about so I did.

Not only did he know how to get it out, he came out to do it… which, as it turns out was not actually neccessary because Emily, using Google-fu and the tools I left laying out, had already removed it. She was awfully tickled with herself for having been able to solve a problem that had stumped me… and later, when I was hanging a picture (moved because of TV placement) she pointed out that it was a bad place for it because of how the cabinet doors have to open on that side. She’s right, I had already thought of that but we almost never get into that cabinet and when we need to, we can just remove the picture for a minute. But that’s TWO mechanical problems she solved in the same evening- she might have my handy abilities after all. (Yes, I’m very proud!)

As Willie was already here, I asked him to drill the other three holes and hang the rack. He did it easily and I watched to see what I did wrong (drilling straight in instead of drilling a little way and the backing out and then drilling in a little further). It turns out that it was a good thing because I didn’t have a socket large enough for the bolts… but he did. And it gave me an opportunity to pay him- he didn’t want to take it because it was such a simple job but he always needs a little work and he did come out after dark to help me out. It was only 15% of what I would have had to pay the Geek squad… and I’d rather pay Willie.

#3 Plug in the wires before hanging the TV, hang the TV (a very simple matter, this is a good design) and plug everything in. Set up the TV and the new BluRay player and watch Big Hero 6 (I voted for Yellow Submarine but Emily really wanted to see something she’s already seen on BluRay to see the difference.) It is a nice sharp picture, the new player works nicely and the details are very, very good. (Can’t wait to watch LotR and the Hobbit!)

And Sherlock- the Abominable Bride will be here next week. Speaking of that, I found the reference it’s based on… it’s a throw away line in the Musgrave Ritual at the beginning where Sherlock is telling John about some of his early cases.

“These are the records of your early work, then?” I asked. “I have often wished that I had notes of those cases.”

“Yes, my boy, these were all done prematurely before my biographer had come to glorify me.” He lifted bundle after bundle in a tender, caressing sort of way. “They are not all successes, Watson,” said he. “But there are some pretty little problems among them. Here’s the record of the Tarleton murders, and the case of Vamberry, the wine merchant, and the adventure of the old Russian woman, and the singular affair of the aluminium crutch, as well as a full account of Ricoletti of the club-foot, and his abominable wife. “

I’ll be interested to see if Ricoletti actually has a club foot in the special!

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