This, that and the other thing…

ell, Mom is back in the hospital after two more visits to the emergency room. Nothing critical- her electrolytes dropped off again. Details here.

One good thing about the whole up-all-night deal is that I was prepared. I took a thermos of coffee… and then, because fortune favors the prepared, I dropped some bagged teas into the Tesseract (current incarnation). I, in fact, did run out of coffee, and made one of the teas up in my rinsed out travel mug. Let me tell you- when all you have is the hottest tap water you can get from the faucet at the hospital and it’s 4 am and you’ve been up ALL night… and it’s still GOOD tea… you’ve got something! I made Prince of Wales and it not only got me though the rest of the getting-Mom-admitted process, it got me home when I’d been up 23 hours helped out only by a packet of breakfast biscuits.

In other good news, I finished the 3rd side of the border on the Very Irish Chain quilt and am around the corner and into the home stretch.

When I got home, I fed the cats (as it was morning by this time) and fell into bed. And was awakened a little less than 6 hours later by a massive cat fight on my butt… how annoying.

Because I didn’t have as much to do today as I have been having, I did some work in the library. I recently aquired an Easton Press copy of the Complete Uncle Remus and was going to affix my book plate. Except I couldn’t find my box of book plates any where in the house and it finally occurred to me to look in the bindery. Which is, of course, where they were but how cool is it that I can even say that? Ok, it’s a tiny corner… but it’s still a bindery no matter how small or shabby. Eventually, it will be a whole (neatly organised and well equiped) room.

It is a measure of how choppy my life has been the last six months or so that I looked to see if I had neglected to add a book plate to any other of my finely bound books… and on the first shelf alone found a dozen plus the Oz books which I will do all at once when I finish binding them all. I’ll check the other two shelves after these are dry.

I’ve also got a couple of tea reviews to post but, as some people are reading only for the tea reviews, I’ll make that a separate post.

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