Tax time

for me anyway… I did my taxes this morning. Done and filed- now we see if I have to correct anything.

Lately, I’ve been having a knee problem. Not in the actual joint but on the inside. There’s no bruise but it’s been painful to bend more than 90° with some swelling at the end of the day. I’m pleased to say it’s mostly gone- I can tuck my feet comfortably under my chair again… although sitting on my foot will probably take a couple of days more.

My boss has also been scheduling me to come in at 8 instead of 7… so the mornings that I drop Emily off at 7, I’ve been taking a book and reading in the parking lot until 8… and reading on my lunch break. The upshot of this is that I have almost caught up to my goal on Goodreads for books this year. Only 1 behind now and I have the new Victoria Thompson gaslight mystery waiting on my desk. I also have my copy of Vanity Fair on my desk… but it’s so huge that I have to read it on the desk… and really should have a book stand for it! I should look around and buy or build a book stand- I have the same problem with the Kelmscott Chaucer. (I know, I know- first world problems… first world bibliophile problems, really. I should not be complaining.)

In other book news, I’ve managed to aquire a couple of nice books for my library. I found an affordable copy of the Easton press Complete Uncle Remus and a lovely antique copy of Rime of the Ancient Mariner illustrated by Willy Pogany. Just look how pretty:

And the text is calligraphed and illuminated- it’s simply lovely. Another wonderfully illustrated book that I’m expecting soon is the Easton press facsimile Pride and Prejudice Peacock edition. The only difference is that the original was bound in green cloth and Easton’s is bound in green leather… and I expect that the endpaper will be Easton’s moire silk.

Personally, I like the Easton edition better. If I invested in one of the originals, I’d never read it. I’d consider it too valuable and fragile and I’d always be afraid I would damage it. The Easton press, being new, should be quite sturdy enough for me to read and enjoy… which is rather the point for me.

I’ve been reading so much lately, I’m debating getting my chores done quickly today and, instead of reading, sitting down with a nice cup of tea and my sewing and watching my extended version of the Hobbit movie (which I have not yet gotten to see all the way through yet!). What with Mom’s trips to the hospital and back to the nursing home (she’s there now), I’ve been too busy to carve out nine hours for myself. But it might just be feasible today.

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