Because I use this journal to keep my time line straight (and to prevent gaslighting):

Yesterday I slipped on ice and fell down the front steps again. I’m ok, bruised and the top of my right foot scraped but not badly damamged.

I also got my demitassie spoons and the peacock edition of Pride and Prejudice in the mail. I’m a little disappointed in the book- the margins are extra large so the text and pictures are not very large themselves. I was expecting better… and it won’t fit on my bookshelves being somewhat oversized.

Amine was giving me instructions for how to handle the truck today- he won’t be there and we are supposed to have company- and realized half way through that he was expecting me to do all my work like he was there and, at the same time, do all his work. It was almost fun to watch- he looked a bit like someone had dumped a bucket of ice water on him. I’m not going to ignore what he said- but I am going to apportion my people a bit differently.

For the next little while (the rest of the month) my days off are going to be getting the furniture that Mom wants out of her house and moving it into her assisted living apartment in addition to my regular days off chores. She’s supposed to move in the 1st of March.

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