Ides of March

I do not like daylight savings time. It might have been a good idea when it started- but it isn’t now. I especially do not like it because the date keeps changing and this means that I was late to work Sunday. Really? I thought that was not for another week or two. I’m also having issues going to sleep… I’ll go to bed and then not be able to go to sleep until after 1am. Grr… Argg.

I’m also having posting issues. Either I can post very late at night… or I can post in the morning while I’m having coffee. Neither is a good time- I’m half-asleep and can’t marshall my thoughts with any claity. So I’ll try to post on my days off when I can steal an hour out of my day when there is no TV or Youtube blaring at me.

Also, I am having a log jam with projects. (This is actually a common problem with me.) I’ll have so many things I want to do… or have actually started… that when I have an hour free to work on something, I spend half of it turning in circles and dithering.


(***Should I work on a book binding? The Oz series is still in progress and I would really like to get that further along… but then there are several recent Bujold books that really want good bindings and they’re singles so they’d be finished sooner and I have that nice kangaroo leather to bind them in… Or should I work on a quilt? I have the borders almost on the Irish chain quilt… and several tops that could be basted to backing to begin actually quilting on… and then there is the single block of the fusible applique quilt that has four or five more blocks to it… plus I haven’t worked on Storm at Sea in forever and it won’t ever get finished if I don’t work on it… What about embroidery? That doesn’t take too long… and I’ve got three tablecloth ideas… although I haven’t started any of them… and then there is the tea cosy. Where am I at with that? It’s not going to get finished if I don’t put in some time on it… And if I don’t read some I’ll get behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year… and I’ve been on pg 12 of Vanity Fair for forever because I can only read it at home… And projects for Nancy… I’ve got that mattress and box springs to make… and sheets and a quilt and pillow… and several bits of clothing to make or modify… and then stories to go with the outfits I’ve already got. Oh! and I have a new tea to taste and write about… And I could be working on the Tasha Tudor piggy advent calendar…***)

So you see my problem. And since I am not a linear thinker, these thoughts don’t happen one after another, they happen all at once, complete with visual and tactile images.

Add to this my propensity for getting distracted and my inability to sit still for very long unless I am extremely engaged… and I end up playing on the internet instead of any of them… which only compounds the problem.

Today, being my last day off before St Patrick’s Day, I need to make Irish Pub Cupcakes! (Yes, they used to be called something else. No, I do not care about being politically correct. I renamed them because I prefer a peaceful reference as the way one thinks defines the world.) So that’s a couple of hours there, although I will combine it with making some dinner for us.

I also have acquired a printed (not counted) cross stitch table cloth to make.

The thing is, the person I bought it from has it about 25% finished… and the kit that she bought had the wrong colours of thread so she’s worked some of it with the wrong colours. I don’t know how that happened… except that as well as the vervaco colour listing, there is one from Herschner’s… and the numbers are the same but the descriptions are not. ??? No idea… but when I got out my handy dandy floss reference from DMC, the colours included in the kit are not the colours listed by number- in fact two of them are very very different. So now I’m going to pick out what’s been done and redo the whole thing using the colours, by number, that vervaco gives. If some of the floss included will work, great. If not, I’ll buy different floss. So I may end up working on that today… and something else if I have time after I’ve picked everything out.

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