Emily has recently embarked on a quest to have pink hair when she goes to Disney. She’s had a touch of trouble getting the bleach into her back hair so, first thing this morning, she enlisted my help.

Now, you have to understand, I am NOT a make-up-and-hair-dye kind of girl. I don’t even own a hair dryer… not even one of the horrible head covering ones… and I can sit on my hair. So, me and hair bleach… um, yeah. But ok, the things we do for our kids. So I’m doing my best to paint this blue goopy stuff into the darker spots in the back of her hair more or less evenly when I drop a bit.

It won’t hurt the floor, she’s wearing something that bleach can only improve and my bathrobe is white. No worries, right? Except that the cats beg pets incessantly, no matter what else is going on and the bit that I dropped fell right on Shredder’s back. I grabbed off the goop as best I could and we got a wash cloth and washed the rest of it off as quickly as we could… but she’s still got a lighter spot in the middle of her back now.

Yes, dear friends, we contrived to bleach the cat. And that’s how my morning started.

I had a bunch of going-out chores to do- there was not a slice of bread in the house, I had about three spoonfuls of coffee left and Alex was on his very last can of food and Emily decided to come with me.

Besides the very necessary shopping and recycling, I stopped at the little game store that had the Harry Potter edition of Clue (so cool, the board changes!) in hopes that they would have the Firefly edition.

(cue sound of crickets)

Yes, Firefly Clue. One of our favorite games tweaked to our favorite TV show… this we must have! But the little shop said they didn’t have it… what they did have were these:

and the clerk said he’d seen it at Barnes and Noble. (An aside: I do know about the Firefly game but I’ve heard terrible reviews of it… ditto the Firefly monopoly.) So we hie on over there and:

 photo P3190064_zpsswe2iqyq.jpg

but also

 photo P3190065_zpshv9fmchp.jpg

What’s a geek girl to do?

Well, a pair of geek girls knew just what to do… we got them ALL!

If that wasn’t enough awesome for one day, we stopped at Five Guys for lunch… and they now have milkshakes! (Try the caramel one, it’s lovely.)

So, tomorrow after work, we’re going to try out the Firefly Clue and I plan on making one of my new teas. Reviews should follow.

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