Firefly Clue Game review

Opening the box:

Ok, some new things about this version- Intrigue cards and Action cards, which include Reever cards! It is possible for everyone to be taken by Reevers and no one wins. The rules say that you can’t use Intrigue cards in a two person game but that’s rank discrimination and we’re going to try it anyway.

Also, there are only six suspects- Rev. Book and Simon are not in the suspect pool. I guess that makes sense… Simon didn’t go to all that trouble to rescue her just to later turn her in and Book is… well, Book. It would have been nice if it could have been Book but I guess Simon was never any possibility. Emily opines that River should also be a suspect as she would be prefectly capable of turning herself in to take the heat off of the rest of the crew.

1st game:
Well, it was Jayne mucking about in the kitchen with the wrench! Game play is more or less like regular Clue (or Cluedo) although the Intrigue cards and the player powers lend a bit of hyperbole to an otherwise simplistic game. It’s still very fun however and all the cards have quotes from the TV show or the movie. So, possibly, because of the quotes, it’s not actually suitable for 8 year olds… unless they happen to be Firefly fans, in which case they will have heard it all before anyway. Actually, the quotes make it really hard not to revel your cards… by reading the quote aloud!

I do still wish one could play as Simon or Book, even if they are not suspect and that River could be a suspect… I need to figure out how to make that happen.

Definitely a keeper for us and I would reccommend it to fans of Clue, Cluedo and Firefly.

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