Twinings Darjeeling

Darjeeling (Twinings)

There are few places on earth as enchanting as Darjeeling, a small, but vibrant town in the Indian state of West Bengal. Located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, the high elevation gardens and sloped terrain of this region produce distinctive teas that are harvested in three growing seasons called “flushes.” First Flush teas are harvested in March following the spring rains and have a fresh, lively taste. Second Flush teas are harvested in June and have a mellow, muscatel flavour. Autumn Flush teas are rich and smooth, but bolder in flavour. Our Darjeeling combines teas from the 1st and 2nd Flushes to yield a sophisticated tea with a woody aroma and slightly dry, delicate taste.

4 min @212°

Having learned from previous Darjeelings that I like mine a bit stronger, I went ahead and brewed this one for the extra minute. And then I mashed… yes, I do mash *hangs head*. If it’s a bagged tea and first thing in the morning, I do- I just can’t help it.

Inspite of that, there is no way to make a really bad Darjeeling and this one is no different. It is certainly not as good as many but for a bagged tea that you’re taking to work or rushing for the bus, it’s a nice tea. It’s got a reasonably good Darjeeling flavor with a medium astringency. Nothing outstanding but that is what makes it a good choice for a daily or morning tea- it will not get tiring.

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