Finally, an update… and new teas!

What’s been happening… well, I’ve been busy with work and family and by the time I get home (and get the computer) at night, I’m so tired that about all I can do is mindlessly putter about on Ebay and/or BGG. Neither one is good for my pockets but I have gotten some nice board games!

When Emily went to Disney, she brought me home a lovely Mad Tea party teapot… I guess it’s like a french press in that it brews and then presses the leaves to the bottom to let you pour out… and it included a bag of Mad Tea Party tea. She also brought one of her good friends (who loves tea) a set of Disney teas… and her friend sent me sample bags of each of them. (I had given her samples of all the teas I have some little time ago). So I have a lot of Disney teas to review!

Disney’s Mad Tea Party Blend

This is the one that came with my teapot… and was also in the collection. I have to say, I didn’t much like it. It’s really yummy for the first half a cup or so but it gets old too quickly. Apricot in tea is just a bit too mad for me… Emily agrees it’s not good.

Disney’s Blueberry tea

I’ve had stronger blueberry teas… this one was weak on blueberry flavour as well as being weak on tea flavour. All in all, not too good.

Disney’s Earl Grey

Not too bad but there are much better much more available Earl Greys out there. I would only give it three stars at most.

Disney’s Pomegranate tea

This one is also quite weak… and I taste no pomegranate at all.

Disney’s Mango tea

I found this one surprisingly good for a fruit tea- quite the best of the bunch. I’m not really a fruit tea girl but I might buy this one again.

Disney’s Honey Lemon Chamomile tea

Faint honey, faint lemon, decent level of chamomile but since I use honey and lemon (and sometimes chamomile) medicinally, I don’t like it.

And finally, last but not least, I went into World Market… and they had the Twining’s Queen’s Birthday tea! (At last- they hadn’t had it the first three times I looked for it and I supposed that they wouldn’t have it any more) Since it’s a limited edition, I almost bought two of them.

I’m actually glad I didn’t. It’s quite strong and I’m still hunting about for the right temperature, amount of tea and brewing time to make this good. It’s not a bad tea, by any means, but I keep getting a really harsh bite of astringency (as well as quite a bit of caffine). If you drink tea of a morning, it would be a good one to wake you up!

Ok, have to go play taxi service… hopefully more later on sewing projects and likely some bits about board games.

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One Response to Finally, an update… and new teas!

  1. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, I love the sound of your teapot. I would love to have one of these. It’s a shame not all the Disney teas were great. Yeh for Twinings tea. The special blend sounds to string got me. Enjoy your tea. Chloe.

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