Day off… isn’t really

I have a day off… from work. But I still have to feed the cats, run Emily to her job (yay for my working girl!) and get the emissions test on Mom’s car, balance the books, clean up from dinner last night, take the recycling in, do a small load of laundry, pick Emily up from her job, feed the cats again, cook dinner and go over and do all the stuff Mom needs. (How is this not assisted living? I’m just ‘free’ and the facility wasn’t.) My last ‘day off’ was taking her to the doctor and taxi service for Emily as well.

This is why I don’t post too much- whatever in the world is interesting about any of that?

I have, however, been playing a very fun board game when I can make time in the evening. It’s called Rokoko (or Rococo). I have the German version (which includes instructions in English) and have been playing a solo variant of the game which takes about 2 hours. When I don’t have time to play, I’ve been working out storage solutions (it has a LOT of parts) and looking into some upgrades for the lace and yarn/thread markers.

I’m also working on a Vervaco tablecloth- this works for me since I can stitch for 15 minutes whenever I can find it and not loose my place… eventually I’ll finish it.

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