Really a stay-cation but I don’t have to go to work… except Thursday… for a week. Thursday my manager has a thing that can’t be gotten out of (for work) so I have to go in and cover for him for that day. I told him next time, I’m going out of town… I probably won’t but I don’t want to have to work a day in the middle of my vacation. I don’t feel like that’s very fair.

I actually meant to post last week- I had a rather interesting day off where I took the car in to find out why it suddenly wouldn’t start (battery at 9%- yeah, that would be why) and the new guy at the shop goofed and started a brake check. It’s actually serendiptious that he did- we basically didn’t have any brakes. !!!! And then it was a monster- Mom had taken it to Budget Brakes and they fucked it up royally.

So kudos to Pepboys for managing to straighten out the mess. It took hours and lots of money… and that was with the manager comping several parts because he let the new guy turn the roters… and new guy messed them up badly. I’m afraid that new guy lost his job over this one- I hope not because he probably saved our lives.

So, what am I doing for the first day of my vacation? Moving Mom back into assisted living. In July. In the rain. I didn’t tell her I was going on vacation- as far as she knows, this is my other day off this week- the first one having been taken up my her emergency room visit. (Not an emergency- she told me Tuesday that she wanted to go Thursday… and I couldn’t get her to go any sooner.)

After that, I expect to do some reading, work on my tablecloth and play some solo board games… and maybe some with Emily. I’m still loving Rokoko and I want to try and get a copy of Asmodee’s Shakespeare game and Mystery! Motive for Murder as they both have good looking solo options.

My Rokoko pimp is going well. I’ve gotten the new neat tokens for lace and yarn- Stonemaier Games yarn token and the fabric token stripped and repainted- and I have metal coins on order. I have to make a new tuck box for the cards since I got the expansion and have a lot more cards and I want to make up a sheet to keep up with Victory points and end of game scoring. I really don’t like bunches of little cardboard squares and I think there is a more elegant solution.

I’ve also gotten glass ‘gems’ for Splendor and ordered large gold metal coins for it as well. It was a pretty game to begin with and this just makes the glitter factor a lot higher.

I also have tea to drink… the tiny mouse is sadly neglected!… and I’ve gotten a new 3D advent calendar to photograph and post. No new teas though- I have a cabinet full that I need to reduce before I go buying any more. If I have time and can get the computer, I also should work on the remake of the Hogg Tavern advent calendar and my files for 221B Baker Street. As it turns out, I am basically remaking the cases for 221 B into something that plays like Consulting Detective. *snicker* *snort*

But first, moving.

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