Nothing Much

I’m trying to get back in the habit of journaling because (obviously) I’ve let it slip.

To recap: Emily is working and will continue after school starts to work some in the afternoon and on the weekend. Since my objection has always been that her grades would suffer, I can’t really use that- her grades can’t be any more abysmal than they were last year. Maybe working will actually help.

Mom is in assisted living and has not yet started to make noises about comming home.

Alex has gotten very thin and I took him back to a different vet who told me that he was not at all diabetic so I put the cats all on a gravity feeder for the dry food. I still have to feed Alex wet food twice a day because he’s gotten so spoiled but he’s old. I also have to feed Anna twice a day because she decided that she wanted to be an outdoor cat and I can’t leave food out for her- it would just attract raccoons and possums.

My manager will be back from his two week vacation on Monday- thank goodness. Maybe with him back and Emily back in school life can return to some semblance of normal.

On the games front, I found an affordable copy of the last of the Consulting Detectives expansions.. and a not so affordable copy of Voice of the Mummy. Voice of the Mummy actually still works but it’s going to have to go in for service anyway because the motor makes such a loud growling noise that the mummy’s voice can barely be understood. Since Emily is used to my more recent games with their very nice components, she was pretty disappointed in the quality of VoM. The gems are cheap plastic, the 3D steps board is styrofoam and the cardboard is only printed on one side, not well finished and not especially sturdy. For an antique game, it’s in really nice condition and is absolutely complete- I’m happy with it. Part of what Emily is seeing is the difference in what we demand out of games now as opposed to then… but part of it is also the difference in a game designed for children and a game designed for adults.

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