If I let this go

If I forget to journal for very much longer, it will be a whole month. This is not a good thing for me for keeping track of events via journal.

Mom is currently back in assisted living but coming home again at the end of the month- ie, next week which means the same week as inventory.

Emily has gotten into the habit of turning on a youtube channel called Metal Ass Gaming all the time she is at home and awake. This is annoying because it is constant chatter (some swearing but it’s not horribly offensive). I don’t dislike MAG… but it makes it hard to do anything in the evening. Plus Emily talks… and sometimes shouts… at them… and at me about them… until I can’t do anything even as mindless as math- never mind reading, book binding, playing a game or journaling.

So I’m behind on everything, as it were.

I got the top to the Irish Chain quilt finished but I haven’t blocked it up to quilt.

I’ve been blinging my games (the ones I really like) and have a couple more to learn that sound like a lot of fun… but that take concentration and Viticulture especially is intimidating. I’m also playing the solo games I already know although Shakespeare really needs to make it to the table more often and I haven’t even opened the Backstage cards yet.

On top of that, we’re short handed at work which means I’m always ragged out and Amine does not think it’s a good thing to have your two days off a week in a row. Not sure if that’s a cultural thing or what but I keep trying to explain to him and he doesn’t seem to get it.

I’m trying to get restarted on the book binding as the weather will be cool enough for me to be out in the sewing room… but the next thing I have to do is gild the edges of The Scarecrow of Oz and I have to have the windows shut for that!

I’m also trying to get back into reading more… I am woefully behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year… but even if I go to the other end of the house, every few minutes there’s a crash and a yell and that’s quite distracting as I never know if it’s just the game or something dire is happening.

And then there is the tablecloth I started. One side is finished, I’ve started the second… and my spoons went away. As I have some time and energy, I need to work on that more- but it does take a modicum of concentration and that’s been in short supply lately.

Alex has gotten very thin and has decided that pooping in the litter box is no longer for him. I think he’s had a stroke- maybe more than one- and he’s exhibiting all the behaviours of an extremely elderly cat. Most of the time, I try and overlook them and pet him as much as possible… but today he pooped on the bathmat (his favorite place lately) while I was standing on it after my shower. I told him I was mad at him and there would be no holding of the cat tonight.

I’m also thinking about A Midsummer Night’s Dream again. I know, I know- I’m not done with the Oz books- but I want this to be the best copy. The right text, ALL the pictures, the best binding- etc. All things considered, I think this should probably be a blue-and-silver book… a very very dark blue. Silver is both easier and harder to work than gold… but less expensive for sure!

I wish I had more time in bigger chunks.

Ok- it’s board game night for my BFF and I promised I would play a game tonight too so I’m off to play a round of The Witches before bed. I liked it before but having now read some of the books it’s based on, I think I will like it even better!

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