Day from Hell

Posting on 10/3

Thursday was the day from hell. I had inventory the night before… so late night at work, not enough sleep and general tiredness. Work was not too bad- I almost forgot to take the order but almost is not completely- I was just rushed.

Then I got home and Willie (handyman) had gotten Mom mostly moved but I had to put things away, make the bed etc. I hate moving and I think this is the third or fourth time this year for her.

Before I ran over to help Mom, I coaxed Alex to eat a little but he was having a hard time even raising his head and he didn’t want to eat and wouldn’t drink anything. When I got back from helping her, he was worse and crying so I took him to the vet. By that time, it was probably a matter of hours- the vet said his blood pressure was very very low- but he was crying and upset if not actually hurting.

So RIP Alex Pettingfur.

Yeah- day from hell.

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