Scrubbing Day

I (finally) have a day off and so today needs to be a scrubbing day. Emily swept and mopped the living room and hall yesterday and did one load of laundry but I need to finish the floors- Alex was very bad at the end- and wash several quilts and blankets as well as clean out the crate.

It is also October and so time to hang up the Halloween quilt over the sliding door- the Halloween advent calendars are already out.

Speaking of advent calendars, I have a couple of new ones to post to my running list here. There is another copy of the Blumenhaus on ABE (here) but it’s quite expensive and a copy of Enid Blyton’s on Etsy (here) that’s about $50- which is less than I paid. I’ll try to get the new ones added between laundry and putting the spine on the next Oz book today.

I’ve also had an idea for a reskin of my Rokoko game- Halloween Masquerade. The silk colours could be black and orange and red and white- instead of fancy dresses, you’re making costumes for a Masqurade at the palace. Instead of the jewelry box, it could be a make-up box with either full face or masquerade masks. I wish I had the time to make up all the tiles for that!

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