New Advent calendars

I have gotten 3 new (vintage- new to me) advent calendars by artist Erik Forsman! I’ve wanted one (or more) of his advent calendars for awhile now but they were always either far too expensive or badly damaged.

 photo advent3_zpslfz7k0bl.jpg
Swedish advent calendar, by well known Swedish Christmas tomte artist Erik Forsman. Calendar is glittered, and appears unused. Slightly yellowed from age with some minor edgewear. The left corner reads Copyright B1 – E. O. & Co. – Made in Sundbyberg, Sweden and has Erik Forsman’s signature (printed) in right corner. I really like Erik Forsman’s tomtes and I had seen this one before on Etsy but missed out on it.

 photo advent2_zpsj0k3dlbv.jpg
This is another advent calendar by Erik Forsman. I had seen this one on Tradera and Ebay both for rather more than I was willing to spend, as Forsman is apparently quite collectible in Sweden. In later years his calendars featured not only tomtes but vehicles- trains and cars and trucks- but I prefer the earlier ones with woods and animals. I’m still on the lookout for a couple of others by him that I have seen on Ebay but the copies I have seen, one has had all the doors removed and the other has glitter… but it got offset in production and is a full 1/4″ off from where it should be. This one would have been less expensive because there is no glitter on this copy. It also has a printed signature- this time in the left corner and Copyright E. O. & Co. nr 63.126. Made is Sweden in the right corner.

 photo advent1_zps1243y8s4.jpg
This is the third one by Erik Forsman. It had one door torn off but I was able to fix that with a piece of mending tissue from the bookbinding supplies very easily as the door was still with the calendar. Right corner reads 5530 1 – Copyright – E. O. & Co. – Made in Sweden and left corner has Erik Forsman’s printed signature again. The pictures behind the doors are identical to the second one and the placement of the doors is the same so I am guessing they came out the same year or very close to it.

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