Quick and dirty update

Mom’s back in the hospital with fluid build-up… possibly related to the vaccinations she had at the doctor Monday the 14th. (Flu and Previnar 13)

Blake and Lynn came for Thanksgiving, I cooked. Then cleaned up and, after they left, got Mom to the emergency room.

Wednesday was very busy at work and Friday was slow… but I was very busy resetting things and setting up for Midnight madness today. Did not leave the store until it was time to pick Emily up at 8pm… came home, ate some leftovers and went to see Mom. So tired I was really not safe to drive.

Still very tired. Must take Emily to bank, then work… do recycling… go see Mom and find out if they have a diagnosis yet… come home and do laundry.

I have Tiffany finished for my Witches game if I get a second to photograph her and post it, I will.

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