Not-lazy Sunday

Today is the day after Emily’s birthday and usually the day I start all my Christmas decorating and so forth. And I am on vacation so I can actually DO that… which is nice.

For her birthday, we went to see Fantastic Beasts- a lovely movie- and now I want a niffler! Also dinner at 5 guys which was expensive but also meant I didn’t have to cook.

However, because we did that, I did not make her cake (and really, I’ve been too tired and still was yesterday) so I’m making it today. Her only request is that I suprise her… and I think I can do that.

What I’m planning is a chocolate cake with cherry pie filling in the middle… but without the cherries. The idea is that when you cut the cake, it will ‘bleed’- we’ll see how that works. For the top, I’m going to frost it in white and silver glitter it… but there’s going to be a hole in the middle with cake crumbs mounded next to it, a cookie headstone (with some snow icing on top) saying RIP 18 and a 3d cookie coffin.

Now about that coffin- I found a 3d cookie cutter coffin… and a wood grained silicone matt to impress into the dough… and recipes for cookies that don’t spread out when baked… and all of them would take several days to get here so I’m going to have to cut out the coffin pieces with a knife and draw wood grain with a toothpick. Pfft! If only I’d planned ahead! But that would have meant coming up with a cake idea sometime before I was falling asleep last night, which I didn’t.

Wish me luck! Pictures later…either way. (I feel like I’m on the Best British Baking Off and Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins and Mary Berry will be showing up any miniute. You have 5 hours. Ready… set… BAKE!)

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