Monday Morning

Just after the cake wreck, the virus I’ve apparently had became symptomatic… so, except for going over and feeding Mom’s cat and laying out her pills, I’ve been in bed. I would not have done that except the cat would have had no food. I told Emily and Mom that they would have to take care of themselves for dinner and went back to bed.

Emily did, I don’t know if Mom did or not… and Emily also put the food away for which I’m grateful.

Around midnight, I started being able to hold down ice water… and at 3:30 I woke up ravenous. So far the crackers aren’t making me ill, coffee is a go (thank goodness!) and I’ve managed to clean up the kitchen and start the laundry again. (Since I didn’t get it in the dryer, it’s sure to have soured.)

I am very very grateful that a) I’m on vacation so I could just lay down and be ill and b) it seems to have run it’s course in just about 12 hours.

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