I have to wonder about people in my life that think they are entitled to my time… why do they think that? But practically everyone I know IRL (not everyone- just almost) thinks that I should pay attention to them when they want me to… and nevermind what I want or need.

Makes me mad.

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2 Responses to Entitled

  1. yangtzemusic says:

    That people want your time is kind of a compliment, but you need to develop the skills of saying no, and leaving a conversation or situation whenever you want to, without giving offense. Once you’re confident doing those things you’ll feel that you’ve leveled-up on your social skills 🙂

    • wren08 says:

      You are speaking of normal sane people. Unfortunately, I am occasionally dealing with people who are neither. There is one person who calls and wants to talk- and refuses to understand if I am too busy or to tired to talk (which is often). And when I do talk to him, he always tries to pick a fight… even if there is nothing to fight about. It is exhausing to even try to talk to him. And no matter how busy my life is, he always complains that I don’t call him often enough- even if I have talked to him every day (which I have in the past)

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