Wizard of Oz set

Well I am finally getting back to rebinding this set. I have scrapped most of the ideas I had for the first book as being too time consuming with the tools I have. I found a spray that deacidifys paper so I’m just going to take the Copelman book and rebind it. If I had more tools and so, I could do it but as it is, this has stalled me for too long already. I also found end paper that looks (to me) like a desert and I may paint a twister on it. So far I have end papers applied and am currently squaring and trimming the pages. I need to build something to support the plough- right now I’m using an empty quilting frame but that’s not the best solution.

What I am trying to do is to perform one operation a day (at least) even on the days I work. Today should see the trimming finished and the first edge gilded.

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