Legacy and other poems

It’s here!

Legacy and other poems by Madeline Caron Rock.
“Book Description: Small tall 8vo; small hand-made book, with simple illuminated decoration, designed and printed by SIDNEY FARNSWORTH at the Chelmsford School of Art, consisting of: 2 blank leaves, decorated title page, 9 leaves of text, colophon, three blank leaves; printed single-sided in black, with red and blue hand-colouring to lettering and decoration on title, red and gilt hand-colouring to decoration and lettering devices on text page, one red hand-coloured lettering device on colophon; printed on hand-made paper (with windmill water-mark), uncut, hand-bound with plain white card covers; contents very good throughout, cover badly split on spine; contained within two plain dust-wrappers made from cartridge paper (one red, one purple, each with a device printed in gilt designed from the author’s initials) inner wrapper split at bottom of backstrip but otherwise good, outer wrapper rather worn and split on folds and edges, with slight loss, but almost complete. A charming and attractive little work produced by Sidney Farnsworth, (who was later -1920 – to produce a well-regarded book about illumination). There is no indication as to the number of copies produced of this book. It could be one of a very few copies, or it could even be unique”

The date is 1909 and the spine is indeed splitting- I’ll use some archival tape to repair that and the paper covers- the outer one is completely split. I’m also making a protective box- I am going to bet on this one being unique- it’s not even bound- it’s punched and tied together with red cord. The text may have been printed (looks like it probably was) but the colour was added by hand, also the gold illumination which is actually gold as it is not the slightest bit tarnished after 109 years.

One oddity, usually when I have seen tied books, they are tied on the outside, this one is tied in the center of the book. Also, calling the back of the book a ‘spine’ is being generous, it’s a piece of card folded, rather unevenly, so of course it’s splitting.

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