Summer Hols

Nancy is all ready to take off on her Summer Holiday

New Sporty Haircut

Not quite finished packing…

Resort Set #963 Mattel 1959
As with all the vintage outfits, I’m only using the pieces I want to and changing things because I like them better. So these are usually not complete outfits and should not be used as a reference.

Tennis Anyone? #941 Mattel 1962

Homemade playsuit by a friend’s mom, I’m going to arbitrarily say it’s about 1965

Vacation Time #1623 Mattel 1965 (The shorts are reproductions I made and the camera is Ideal’s Tammy camera- it’s much nicer than Mattel’s!)

Pak playsuit and yoyo

Blouse is from “Barbie loves Sinatra” 1999 giftset and the shorts are 1962 Pak

Red Hot!!
Both are 1962 Pak pieces

Berry Picking
Gap jeans (Gap store exclusive 1996) and blouse from 1959 Picnic Set #967

Cool It: Francie Fashion Pak 1968


More to come…

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