Summer Hols

Nancy is all ready to take off on her Summer Holiday

New Sporty Haircut

Not quite finished packing…

Resort Set #963 Mattel 1959
As with all the vintage outfits, I’m only using the pieces I want to and changing things because I like them better. So these are usually not complete outfits and should not be used as a reference.

Tennis Anyone? #941 Mattel 1962

Homemade playsuit by a friend’s mom, I’m going to arbitrarily say it’s about 1965

Vacation Time #1623 Mattel 1965 (The shorts are reproductions I made and the camera is Ideal’s Tammy camera- it’s much nicer than Mattel’s!)

Pak playsuit and yoyo

Marymount photo nancymarymount_zpsb945d9ce.jpg
Blouse is from “Barbie loves Sinatra” 1999 giftset and the shorts are 1962 Pak

Red Hot photo nancyredhot_zpsdd80fadc.jpg
Red Hot!!
Both are 1962 Pak pieces

Berry Picking
Gap jeans (Gap store exclusive 1996) and blouse from 1959 Picnic Set #967

 photo coolit_zps2075e6b7.jpg
Cool It: Francie Fashion Pak 1968

More to come…

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