Cosmic Design Works

Pattern: ???
Maker: Cosmic Design Works
Pattern Number: ???
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 2001
Description: Unusual shape, white china, platinum trim
Date purchased: 2 February 2015
Purchase price: $24.87
Purchased on ebay

There is nothing on this unique design anywhere. The backstamp is Stoke-on-Trent England but there is no page for that address. Cosmic Design Works designed and manufactured vases, teapots, sets and accessories using top quality creamware, with a range of finishes including platinum and gold. They apparently sold limited editions to gallery shops and interior design boutiques begining in 2001. This is an eye-catching cup and saucer of cream with a platinum edge and bands on the footed cup. To me, it almost looks like a head- a space age Toby mug, if you will and the very non-standard saucer looks like a comet.

There was no question of Emily naming this one- it might be her favorite- and she named it Namine. I would serve something unexpected in this-possibly with a touch of effervescence.

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