Delinieres & Company/ Wm Lycett – Violet

Pattern: Violets
Maker: Delinieres & Company
Pattern Number: ???
Country of Origin: France
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1883-1900
Description: White eggshell china handpainted with violets
Date purchased: 31 July 2015
Purchase price: $12.00
Purchased: Antique Store

On bottom: in green “D & Co/France” on both. Also on the saucer printed in blue: “[within oval] Wm LYCETT/ ATLANTA/ GA”

William Lycett (American, born England, 1855-1909, active late 19th century).The renowned China Decorator “William Lycett” of Atlanta, Georgia often used a simple but elegant decor of heavy gilded gold and gold leafing against a white background. Before the rise of the Pickard Studio of Chicago, just prior to 1900, the most famous American China Decorator was Edward Lycett, an English Artist who opened a New York China Decorating Studio in 1861. Mr. Lycett is best known for painting the White House dinnerware for President Lincoln. His son William moved to Atlanta in 1883, where he continued the family trade, painting customized china and becoming the most famous and sought after China Decorator of his time. William Lycett pieces are often found in museums and recently an exhibit was held of his work at the Atlanta History Center. William Lycett passed in 1910, but during his lifetime he came to be known as the “pioneer porcelain china painter in America”.

Remy Delinieres took over the operation of an existing company (in Limoges) and founded R. Delinieres & Co. in 1879. Undecorated ware was made there until 1881, when the company established a decorating workshop.

Ok, with these two marks, I am going to guess that this cup and saucer was made in France by Deliniers & Co. some time around 1881 (some of the last of their undecorated ware) and shipped to America undecorated and was one of the first pieces to be decorated by Wm Lycett when he opened his shop in Atlanta in 1883. Somehow, I just knew if I left it in the shop, I’d be sorry!

Obviously, we’re calling it Violet.

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