E B Foley Garden of Pan

Pattern: Sprite/Flute/Garden of Pan/PETER PAN & TINKERBELL
Maker: E B Foley
Pattern Number: 459
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1920s
Description: Yellow, grey and black accent
Date purchased: 26 September 2015/26 April 2016
Purchase price: $100.00/AU $50.00
Purchased: Ebay

Sprite at Replacements

EB Foley bone china, exquisitely hand painted silhouette shadows & figures raised & textured- yellow, grey and black accent, stamped and numbered on cup 459.

I love this cup and saucer! (I will find the plate eventually) It’s been on my wishlist since I saw it on Replacements looking for something else and I feel unbelievably lucky to have gotten one. There seems to be some confusion about the pattern name- I have seen it called four different things and am going with ‘Garden of Pan’ mostly because it fits in with my Pan cup. My personal name for it though, is “Puck”. Finding the plate only took me six months- I was surprised I found it so quickly.