J&G Meakin Orange Grove

Pattern: Orange Grove
Maker: J & G Meakin/ Midwinter
Pattern Number: ???
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: c1930s
Description: Orange and black trees, flowers, oranges, crescent moon, ruins, white background
Date purchased: 9 February 2015
Purchase price: $12.42
Purchased on ebay

Rare and unusual, J & G Meakin Pottery Tea Set Trio in cream. Partially handpainted and decorated with the very striking “Orange Grove” pattern including varying shades of orange, red and black with a typically grey, Deco background. Generating an an exotic and romantic feel, with palms, flowers, oranges on trees and in a basket, a ruined castle and even a crescent moon! The wavy, square, Leda style plates and cup are enhanced with black borders. The cup handle is very Deco in style with two raised pleats to the cup outside, front and back. Produced in Staffordshire by Meakin, manufacturers of earthenware.

No backstamp but MADE IN ENGLAND in green on the saucer & plate, incised on the cup base which dates these pieces to after 1921; the backstamp would normally read for Orange Grove, REGD SOL 391413 – ( over a sun ) – J&G MEAKIN – ENGLAND

Replacements has nothing on this one- they have an “Orange Grove” by Meakin but the description is something else entirely. Emily has not named this one- she doesn’t like it at all. I love it- especially for Constant Comment with it’s subtle orange flavoring.

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