Lenox The Autumn

Pattern: The Autumn
Maker: Lenox
Pattern Number: S1
Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1918- 1966
Description: Presidential, cream bone china, black backstamp, fruit, flowers, blue scrolls, gold edge.
Date purchased: 20 September 2015
Purchase price: $30.00/ $15.95
Purchased: Ebay

The Autumn at Replacements

First offered in 1918, this is one of Lenox’ longest running and possibly most popular pattern. I’ve seen it described as jeweled or enameled- the fruit and flowers are hand applied in raised dots of colour with the piece fired after each colour. It’s popularity is actually giving me some trouble, I can’t find much specific information on the particular backstamp… it’s all quite general. My backstamp is black, has the laurel wreath with the Lenox L in it, says “The Autumn” and under that ‘Design Copyright’. The only other marking is a gold number painted on the plate and the saucer- 31 and 17 resectively- which I believe are piece numbers. It looks as though this was made circa 1926 as the black stamp was done in a different style up to 1926 and after that it was a green stamp.

This is one of those patterns that I discovered in college and really really liked… and it was so expensive and ornate that I would always talk myself out of buying even a small piece of it. At the time, I was considering china as entire sets and I always felt that an entire table set with Autumn would be overwhelmingly formal as I am not given extremely formal entertaining. When I decided that I could have a trio of the patterns I liked instead of committing to an entire service (or even an entire place setting), Autumn was one of the first things on my wish list. My only problem has been finding the exact cup, saucer and plate I wanted as I know me- if every one of those 400 enamel dots was not full enough or in the right place, that would be all I would see every time I used it. So I had to see the actual piece I was buying and it had to be fairly close to perfect. I think I ended up with an early set because I was being so picky.