Mikasa Black Graphics

Pattern: Black Graphics
Maker: Mikasa
Pattern Number: VA070
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1980s
Description: Millennium Line, Black Stripes/Squares
Date purchased: 15 June 2015
Purchase price: $10
Purchased: Ebay

Black Graphics at Replacements

The cups are a series of lines in black and white, and checker marks on a triagular base with a triangular handle, while the saucers are round with a triangular indentation with a black spotted background. These cups are cone formed with accents of triangles. Designed by Helena Uglow. The cup takes some effort as it feels very ‘tippy’- I’m not sure how often I’ll actually be using it! Emily has rather inadvertantly named this one Beetlejuice because, well, look at it!

2 Responses to Mikasa Black Graphics

  1. luisa meshekoff says:

    I have two more of these if you;d like them and also 12 cats! can’t give the cats away only the mikasa

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