Nagoya Shokai Arbor

Pattern: Arbor
Maker: Nagoya Shokai
Pattern Number: ???
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: ???
Description: Orange berries, Brown leaves
Date purchased: 2015
Purchase price: $15 (cup and saucer)
Purchased: Antique shop (cup and saucer)
Purchase price: $5.99 (tea plate)
Purchased: Replacements (tea plate)

Arbor at Replacements

This pattern features burnt orange berries or grapes and brown leaf vine pattern with gilt accents. This is a lovely cup we happened across in an antique store. Not rare or expensive but lovely none the less. Emily calls it Titania and I would serve something light- a white tea- in it.

3 Responses to Nagoya Shokai Arbor

  1. Carolyn says:

    I have an entire service for 12 with all the serving dishes, tea pot and extra tea cups and saucers for the pot.

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