Shelley Tall Trees and Sunrise

Pattern: Tall Trees and Sunrise
Maker: Shelley
Pattern Number: 11678
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1929
Description: Queen Anne, Trees, Sunrise, Yellow Trim
Date purchased: 8 Feburary 2015
Purchase price: $53.00
Purchased on ebay

Tall Trees and Sunrise at Replacements

Pattern dates to circa 1929. One of the most beautiful and arguably most popular of all Shelley’s Art Deco Queen Anne patterns. The Queen Anne Shape is essentially octagonal with 4 large and 4 small panels. Hand painted on a white background, is a black print of a fence, a gate, and tall trees with the hard enameled yellow sun rising visibly through black tall trees, woodland in shades of grey and a meadow in yellow, on white base with yellow trim and handle. The glow of the sun is reflected on the ground beyond the hedgerow in hand enameled yellow-orange. I love this cup! It’s so very Art Deco with the unusual shape and strong colours. For reasons I can’t explain, Emily calls this one Ginny. I would serve something bold in this- Constant Comment, perhaps.

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