Shelley Woodland

Pattern: Woodland
Maker: Shelley
Pattern Number: 13348
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1940-1966
Description: Bone china, Scenic trees, scalloped, gold trim
Date purchased: 20 January 2015 (cup and saucer)
Purchase price: $20 (cup and saucer)
Purchased on Etsy (cup and saucer)
Date purchased: 9 June 2015 (tea plate)
Purchase price: $14 (tea plate)
Purchased on ebay (tea plate)

Woodland at Replacements

The bone china scenic or landscape design plate was made 1940-1966 and features a forest path with flowers and has gold trim. It has a light powder blue painted handle and base on the cup. To me, this looks a bit like the 100 Acre Wood but Emily must be thinking of something else because she named this one Jane.

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