Shelley/Wileman/Foley 7084

Pattern: Peony?
Maker: Shelley/Wileman
Pattern Number: 7084
Country of Origin: England
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
Approximate date: 1900-1910
Description: Cobalt Edge, Gold Grid & Scrolls, Scalloped
Date purchased: 15 August 2015; 3 September 2015
Purchase price: $31.31; $21.44
Purchased: Ebay

Shelley 7084 at Replacements

Shelley/Wileman Gainsborough shape “Blue & Gold” pattern 7084, teacup and saucer. Navy blue and gold pattern inside cup, gold decoration outside on white base with gold edges and trim. Pattern dates to circa 1900. This is one of the patterns that bridges the transition from Wileman to Shelley in 1910. It carries the Shelley mark but this pattern is also recorded with the Wileman/Foley mark with the same pattern number. I have seen it labeled as Shelley, Wileman or Foley and the only consistancy is the pattern is the same as is the pattern number.

I really like this one and I’ve been trying to get a trio for awhile but it seems to be a coveted pattern and people kept outbidding me. I still have to find the bread and butter plate but I will- eventually. After all, the chase is part of the fun! One person called this pattern “Peony” but I don’t see it myself.